Talk about whether the SaaS content center can solve content anxiety

For real business owners, how to output content, what content to produce. And how to do content marketing are real problems. Although a lot of content production tools have emerged in recent years, and some SaaS manufacturers have directly positioned themselves as content middle-stage products. can they really solve the anxiety of companies in content marketing?

1. Talk about the confusion about the content

In my ordinary career, I have been in the marketing department of some large-scale companies and the operation. Department of start-up companies. In most companies, the number of these two departments is not particularly large. Dnd there is usually only one full-time content. pit.

Those who have money and budget can find external suppliers (general advertising companies) to do content output, and those who have no money are full-time people who do everything there.

A few years ago, when a company wanted to do content, the official website + double micro-twitch (Weibo, WeChat public account, Douyin) was the standard. In recent years, Zhihu, Xiaohongshu, Station B, video account, live broadcast, etc. have gradually become things that content students should do, and if it is an e-commerce-related business, there will be more content to be derived. .

Regardless of to C and to B, the points of distress may be summarized as these, where the content comes from, how to produce, how to deliver, and how to use, in order to achieve an ideal effect.

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2. Can the SaaS content center relieve anxiety?

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In recent years, with the rise of new media platforms, many to C content methodologies have emerged. Everyone talks about the truth, but every company has its own problems, and it is still difficult to make content. There are also content production tools in many fields, such as design, editing, SaaS, etc. But have our anxieties been relieved?

All kinds of content produced by. Enterprises can be regarded as digital assets. Unified management of content, unified use, does it sound beautiful? But where does the content source come from?

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