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I understand that no one wants to have another internal meeting, but try to make these learning sessions fun. Try doing a hackathon or workshop where you discuss a real problem together. Collaborating on something actionable and real-life will make it more impactful as both. Teams can begin to understand how each department can truly work together. Evangelizing why SEO is important and a necessary step in having a mature. SEO organization, so it’s vital that we make sure we’re not just delegating work to teams. But discussing it as a team project and how all of our roles they are interconnected.

Commercial Continue reading below One of the best ways to help educate. The development team on how technical SEO can affect our website is by prioritizing issues for them. How to prioritize technical SEO issues for business When we think of SEO. It is already incredibly difficult to Argentina whatsApp number list prove ROI compared to other marketing channels. Now, on top of that, we need to talk about technical issues and how they can improve our crawl budget or decrease duplication. Not too easy to test, right? Well yes and no. We all know that it is much more difficult to prove the ROI of a technical problem. But we can prioritize these issues for the business and show the impact. They could have on our top pages or top converting pages.

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Here are a few different ways we can prioritize our technical issues for the development team: 1. Prioritize by number of technical issues affecting the page The easiest way to prioritize technical issues is by the raw number of issues that exist on the website. Commercial Continue reading below There are so many different tools to help track our site and create a technical audit. But that doesn’t always mean these tools make it easy to understand the impact of these issues.

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By using a crawler tool like DeepCrawl, Screaming Frog, or even Google Search Console, we can begin to identify the number of technical issues on our site or on each page. By looking at the raw data and the number of issues affecting a page or existing on a site, this could kick-start solving some of the issues that really stand out. If there are hundreds of pages with duplicate titles and only a couple of pages that have a redirect chain, it might make sense to focus on duplicate title tags first. Break down issues in terms your team can appreciate I recommend trying to break down problems into buckets based on what they are. Commercial Continue reading below For example, I try to break down technical issues by “Content” (think duplicate title tags, missing header tags, etc.) and “Indexing” (think status code, redirects, non-indexable pages in the sitemap ).

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This makes it easier for development teams to understand which problem is related to what. So when we see missing title tags or header tags, they understand that it’s related to the content of the page, not necessarily a 302 redirect or missing canonical tag that can affect indexing. When there are a lot of issues on the site, it can be overwhelming for both the developer and the SEO professional. That is why it is important to work as a team to understand what can be achieved in the short term versus the long term. 2. Prioritize by how much effort it will take for the development team to fix it SEO is a long-term game: it’s a marathon, not a sprint. That’s why we need to learn what the developers are doing in their sprints and align it with the fixes we need to make.

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