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We all know it: if you want your website to get Sweden Phone Number a nice place in the Google search results more often, it is essential to regularly publish a good blog article (preferably with SEO text) on your website. That regularity in Sweden Phone Number itself is quite a challenge. The continuous innovations of the Google algorithm don’t exactly make it any easier either. Moreover, the internet is already chock full of blog articles. Is it even worth blogging if everything has already been said? The perfect answer Sweden Phone Number to the search question? It’s probably already there For anyone with a bit of marketing ambition, a top spot in Google search results is a holy grail. For that reason, landing pages and blog articles with well-thought-out search terms and SEO texts are thrown onto the internet every day.

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Some pages or blog articles do indeed Sweden Phone Number end up in a good position in the search results. But most of them don’t even come close. The reason why Google thinks most landing pages and blogs are barely worth Sweden Phone Number mentioning is quite simple. They do not have enough added value compared to everything else that is already available. If the first pages in the search results already provide an almost perfect answer to the search query, then haphazard blogging really doesn’t Sweden Phone Number help you out. Especially not if your website has a relatively low domain authority. Only good content counts It will be a problem for Google which websites are at the top of the search results.

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Their goal is to provide good answers Sweden Phone Number to their users’ queries. Therefore, one of the main pillars of the algorithm is that the content is of high quality. For example, quite a few articles on the topic of ‘starting with Sweden Phone Number cryptocurrency’ have already been written. If you then also write an article about it and want to reach a nice place in the search results, you will have to come up Sweden Phone Number with a better article. You may have more or better tips or completely different insights. In that case, you can certainly try to attract new visitors to your website with a blog article. But if you don’t have anything new to say.

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