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Click on ‘Pages’ in the left menu of your WordPress Australia Phone Number dashboard Click on the page for which you want to change the page title and/or meta description Scroll down a bit. Now you will see a block with ‘Yoast SEO’ on the left Under ‘SEO Title’ and ‘Meta Description’, write your new title and meta description Save it by clicking on ‘Update’, top right Australia Phone Number  of the screen This is what the place looks like where you can easily adjust your metadata within WordPress. This is what the place looks like where you can easily adjust your metadata within WordPress. How to write a good page title Writing a page title that people want to click on isn’t rocket science. You just need to know what you’re doing. Some practical tips that everyone can apply: Put your search term in the front of the page title. This can lead to higher rankings.

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Note: only do this if it keeps the sentence Australia Phone Number running smoothly. Use powerwords: words that give power to your title. Think of words like ‘temporary’, ‘inexpensive’, ‘free’, ‘how’, ‘more’, ‘turnover’, ‘discover’ and ‘tips’. Make sure your page title is as active, short and sweet as possible. Delete all words that add nothing. In addition, always keep the search intent of the searcher in mind. Does he or she want to buy something? Then use ‘buy?’ after Australia Phone Number your search term. Your searcher knows what he is looking for, and on which website he finds it. He types in Google something like ‘seo frankwatching’. Therefore, make sure you always use your company name in your page title. Is that person looking for information?

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Use words like ‘what’, ‘how’, ‘who’ and ‘when’. Your Australia Phone Number searcher wants to buy a certain product, but first research whether that is the best option. Therefore, use words and terms such as ‘best’, ‘compare’ and ‘reviews’. Handy if you have pages where you compare products. Dutch research has already been done before into the ultimate page title and meta description. You can view those results here . Google’s page title rules Google only shows a Australia Phone Number certain number of characters or pixels of your page title. It’s neat if it’s not truncated, so make sure you stick to that limitation. Think about 55 to 60 characters, including space. To be precise, Google will truncate your title after 513 pixels on your desktop and 580 on mobile devices.

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