10 Atypical Attitudes That Have Helped Me Survive as an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship posts typically go together with the word success. In these times, most are satisfied with surviving. I cannot say that I have discovered the magic wand with which anyone can start a business to become a millionaire. Miracles do not exist and you have to work hard and hard in life for the plans to come out. China WhatsApp Number List atypical entrepreneur Fotolia photo rights.

Looking back you always realize some atypical things that have helped you in the jungle of entrepreneurial survival. I try to make this blog from time to time a space where you can find recommendations that go beyond what everyone tells you. You always run the risk of being the only one for whom they work, but you have to evaluate that directly. Contents [ hide ] 1 1. I am ignorant 2 2. I’m a fucking geek 3 3. I repeat myself and also say the same thing several times 4 4. I’m a masochist 5

I Say the Opposite of What I Want to Achieve

5. I don’t need a plan 6 6. I say the opposite of what I want to achieve 7 7. I do the same as the rest but I am different 8 8. I avoid work where I can 9 9. China WhatsApp Number List I smile when they give birth to me 10 10. I have learned to read between the lines 1. I am ignorant At least to some extent. It is good to listen to others from time to time, but if your father (like mine) takes 2 years to decide which new television is the best in relation to price and quality, he is still not the right person to consult about whether It is a good idea or not to set up an internet company.

China WhatsApp Number List . Now I know that it is impossible to get investment if the only thing you can show is a Power point. 5 years ago no one had told me so I got it. the power of ignorance 2. I’m a fucking geek Same with the “damn” no but just as with the “geek” you identify. When you talk about the internet beyond Facebook and email, do your friends look at you strangely? Do not worry because if you read this blog you are in very good company. Being a geek helps you find solutions that others haven’t thought of before. A certain level of madness and being different helps when setting up a company.

I Repeat Myself and Also Say the Same Thing Several Times

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China WhatsApp Number List

What learning the Klingon language from Star Trek brings you for your professional life 3. I repeat myself and also say the same thing several times And the best thing is that you do it without them noticing. In personal life, repetition is something that drunks and people who require care in nursing homes do. You do not want to associate your company or product with it. Professionally, repetition is survival if you want to reach your target audience with force. Repeat after me: “repeating the (right) marketing message over and over again is good” .

”repeating the (right) marketing message over and over again is good” China WhatsApp Number List Why it is important to repeat yourself in marketing 4. I am a masochist Not in the sexual sense, although I don’t know if in this case it could also bring some advantages (maybe someone can share their experiences in the comments). You are aware that a few slaps on the face help you more in the long run than pats on the back. The latter makes you feel good and relax. I am not saying that you can never rest for a while, but do not settle for what you have achieved for a long time if you do not want to be left behind.

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