Why Someone Unsubscribes as a Subscriber to Your Blog

Just today I was exchanging emails with a blogger who had a very bad day. I understood him perfectly because something had happened to him that would have annoyed anyone with a blog: drops from his subscriber list. In his case there were even several within 24 hours.

If a reader makes the decision not to want to receive your new content anymore, it is like something that you take personally. Suddenly many doubts arise. What have I done wrong? Why don’t you love me anymore? To return to? I confess that my little heart also hurts every time someone unsubscribes. Over time you get along better but a little always affects you. In the end, you have to put yourself in the shoes of the reader who unsubscribes to understand his reasons:

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1 Change of work can be a reason for a cancellation if the subscription is with personal email
2 High blogger posting frequency
3 Get out of the usual theme of the blog
4 Repetition of content on the blog
5 Do not offer the entire post in the subscription

Change of Work Can Be a Reason for a Cancellation

A couple of months ago I received an email from Nigeria B2B List a reader letting me know that he had unsubscribed. At the same time, he told me that he had changed jobs and that I didn’t have to worry since he was going to register with his new email shortly. Some people sign up with the company email and sometimes forget when they go elsewhere. The interest may be related to the job and they want to know about the sector. When a change arises, the subscription may no longer make sense and they unsubscribe, especially if they have been using personal mail.

High blogger post frequency
I believe that this point is one of the main reasons for low in this blog. I have a daily update of new content that can saturate the subscriber. Every week 3-5 readers make the decision to no longer receive my new posts every day. In my case, I accept these casualties as something inevitable because you can’t please everyone all the time. I am compensated by the fact that thanks to the daily post I have about 100 registrations every week.

Get Out of the Usual Theme of the Blog

Nigeria Business Email List
Nigeria Business Email List

The ideal blog is monothematic and does not go too far from the typical type of content that is usually published in that blog. Although perfection does not exist nor should it be sought, it is advisable that 80%-90% of the articles touch the same fields. Human beings tend to have interests of all kinds. A person may like to travel and run marathons at the same time. If the same individual has a travel blog in which he has already created a base of readers interested in the same topic, it is not very advisable to suddenly write frequently about his training for the Seville marathon. There will always be a part of your readers who may be interested in this new facet but others will get tired and decide to unsubscribe.

Repetition of content on the blog
Going off a main blog topic is a sign that the blogger is having a hard time coming up with new ideas. Every once in a while it doesn’t hurt to vary a bit to surprise the reader with something new. You have also noticed that this year I am touching on a little more varied topics in this blog. The alternative in case of lack of creativity is to repeat content trying to approach it from a different angle. During 2012 I have made the mistake of duplicating some topics that had already been touched on previously. I did not do it consciously and it was thanks to the feedback of some regular readers (subscribers) that I realized it. The next few days I had to try a little harder to get back to the level of quality that you were previously used to on this blog.

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