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We recommend developing a compact South Korea Phone Number report that is easy to read and based on a strong concept that fits your brand. So no pieces of text about how great your company is, but facts combined with storytelling. Take the reader along and respect the reader’s time. So no impact report in an annual South Korea Phone Number report. Booring! And that brings us to the next tip. Choose a suitable shape You want people to actually read your impact report. Choose a shape that suits South Korea Phone Number your brand (and target group). By making a creative and original impact report, you have a greater chance that the report will be read. And then all the South Korea Phone Number work has not been in vain. Combine images, dynamic effects and illustrations to tell your story.

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Here are some ideas: Are you a South Korea Phone Number publisher that only publishes sustainable, organic and green books? Then a book like an impact report can work very well. This tangible book can then be share South Korea Phone Number with stakeholders and the consumer can digitally browse through the book via the website. Take the example of IKEA here . Ultimately, this report consists of a video, stories, a book and a landing page and IKEA can stand out to a large audience. There is a form South Korea Phone Number of content that appeals to everyone. Images IKEA Source: IKEA . As a clothing brand, you could develop a piece of clothing that shares your impact, with a QR code to the website where you can find all the details.

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Take an example from these two websites of Ganni & Vestiaire Collective Tip : Always have a PDF that you can download (as Armed Angels does here) 4.ContentContentContent Extract information and input from the impact report and expand it further. Pour it into the right shape on the right channel and let it work effectively for you. Create an impact section or a content calendar that is linked to your report. You can share storytelling or an infographic on social media (focused on the consumer) or a valuable monthly mailing to stakeholders, investors or shareholders. Keep your community engaged and show what positive impact you’ve made together.


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