My Theory of Small Steps to Start a Business

At the age of 14, I set up my first “business” creating business cards. It was a little scalable project because it was a 100% manual process. Well, except for the printing part, but then you had to stick the pages with the cards on thicker cardboard. I did this together with a friend.

In the end, it was not so important how much we earned, but rather the fun and satisfaction that we felt thanks to this little job. If you think about it, we were in time to set up a Vistaprint -type company even before them. We had made the first small step.

When We Create a Project in Our Mind the Barriers Do Not Exist

At the age of 16 I lived closely as my brother (he was 29 years old at the time) set up one of the first SEO agencies in Germany together with other partners. New Zealand WhatsApp Number List  From that moment I felt that I was going to end sooner or later in the online world. We always discussed about my business ideas. I used to disassemble them because he said that they could not be executed in small steps.

The truth is that I did not quite understand what he meant. I didn’t like the concept of small steps too much because I had an idea in mind and I wanted to see it done as is without taking away any of the “genius” of it. New Zealand WhatsApp Number List . In my world, time and money were not a problem. It only took one person who was willing to invest in that idea. Considering how great it was, a moderately intelligent investor would have immediately understood the potential of the project, so the investment part was easily arranged.

The Theory of Small Steps to Start an Online Business

New Zealand WhatsApp Number List
New Zealand WhatsApp Number List

Are you about to set up a project? Perhaps the size of your project is too big to take a first step easily. It is worth cutting drastically even removing those features that you consider “absolutely essential” to be able to start. Consider some of the following points:

Time runs against you : time is gold so don’t waste it. New Zealand WhatsApp Number List .  The longer you wait to make the big step without launching, the more money you spend (or stop earning) for not launching your product.
Pareto is king : perfection does not exist and is even counterproductive. New Zealand WhatsApp Number List .  You can create the perfect offer that no one needs. Having a solution of 80% or below helps not to waste your efforts on something that has no market and no customers.
Let your customers decide : involve your customers in defining your offer. To make sure that you create something that is going to fit them, create a mechanism where they can give you feedback that you can integrate directly into your product.
My theory of small steps is very simple: if you can’t take a small step that doesn’t include the perfect version you have in mind, your product is useless. New Zealand WhatsApp Number List . Dare to exclude elements that you consider essential to be able to start earlier. Go out and throw yourself into the void because it is the best way to improve a product or service.

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