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It was thanks to a tweet by Miguel Arias that I came across an article that talked about an American couple who, being both entrepreneurs, had created a start-up together that had even been listed on the stock market for a couple of years. Some anecdotes reminded me a lot of the situation that I live in my relationship since many of the stories we are living in the first person. My wife is co-founder of Coguan. When we started to launch our start-up more than 4 years ago, many people warned us that it might not be a good idea to mix professional issues with personal ones.

I had heard of several enterprising couples who had failed to maintain and strengthen the emotional bond they had had at the beginning of their relationship. She was afraid that the same thing was going to happen to us. When we made the decision to leave our well-paying jobs in Switzerland to ride Coguan there was no time to rack my brain too much and I forgot about it. It is time to recap and analyze the advantages and disadvantages that this constellation has for entrepreneurship.

Disadvantages of Undertaking With Your Partner

Entrepreneurship can be very hard and having a Mayotte B2B List happy relationship for years is not a minor challenge at all. If you combine both fields you run the risk of creating an explosive mixture.

You are harder with your partner : one of the mistakes I made is to always be more demanding with my partner than with the rest of the partners. I wasn’t able to separate the emotional part so instead of calmly finding a solution to a problem like I would have with anyone else, I got easily upset with her.
The boundaries between personal and professional disappear : especially at the beginning the company was the main topic of conversation. If it hadn’t been for my wife and not being at home we would have talked about things unrelated to the project. You have to discipline yourself to separate the personal and the professional. Otherwise, you run the risk of taking the office fights home with you and starting to have serious relationship problems.
Having a family is a challenge : when your wife is a part of the business project, you can’t remove her from one day to the next. If you want to have children, there is no other option than to pause for at least a couple of months. At first we had to improvise a lot. There were days where our little one, still a very small baby, was with us in the office. We took turns making trips with the cart so that each one of us had time to move forward with her tasks.
Advantages of starting a business with your partner
Undoubtedly there are disadvantages when it comes to undertaking with your wife or your husband. If you focus on the positives, the pros can outweigh the cons.

You Spend More Time Together :

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An advantage of having your partner as a partner in the company is that you see each other more time. Over the first 2 years we would hardly have seen each other. I spent a lot of time in the office, I was traveling and therefore I was hardly at home. If you see being together for a long time more as a disadvantage, perhaps you have not yet found the optimal partner.
Fewer conflicts of interest : You work together to make the company successful. One of the typical conflicts that you can have with your partners who are not your wife or husband can arise from your partner who is not part of the company. In this case, conflicts of interest are generated where he or she has to make decisions between family and work. Your own partner is not going to force you to make this decision since he is part of the ship in which he is sailing with you.

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