Stop Fooling Around and Start Selling Yourself

Awake. No one is going to hire or buy you because you’re just good. Of course, there are always exceptions as always in life. There are also people who have won the lottery. How much have you earned so far? Do self-promotion and get help from third parties without being tiresome , Do not get me wrong. I’m not saying that now overnight you start telling everyone how much you’re worth. That won’t work for you. You have to find a balance between self-promotion and sending messages that no one wants to hear.

It Adds a Lot of Value :

If you are worth it, you have to Italy B2B List prove it beforehand. Words are not enough. So before “hesitating” get to work and create a historical and respectable route. Without evidence self-promotion has no basis. If you’re really worth it, you’ll have to prove it.
Indirect self-promotion : if you have a blog, don’t start talking only about yourself and how much you are worth. There are more elegant ways to do it. Allow yourself, for example, to be interviewed by a blogger friend so that the rest of the world finds out how “important” you are Say what you do : don’t go overboard with this. The line between selling yourself better and being seen as arrogant is a fine one. In my case, many people relate me to “the guy who publishes 1 daily post ”. What many do not know is that I am not at all alone because there are many who do. Instead I’m the only one who says so.

3 Very Simple Ways to Start Selling Yourself Better

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The false modesty is over. Think that even the most beautiful women can have problems finding a partner. If you’re worth it, start taking advantage of it.

1. Ask for recommendations on LinkedIn : The professional social network LinkedIn is a possible way to find a job. Those profiles that have recommendations from their bosses, colleagues, suppliers or clients from their previous stations stand out. Start asking your contacts to write 3-4 sentences about you. It really is a matter of 2 minutes and most usually do. Things change if you ask those people with whom you have the least relationship. If you are interested in one in particular, you will have to previously create a “debt” to increase your chances.

2. Tell your reader to share your content : the vast majority have realized that share buttons help spread your content. There is a very basic rule. If you don’t keep it simple it won’t happen. Don’t apply your own logic that requires someone to be in your head to know what you want. No one can read minds (that I know of). So if you want something express yourself. If you want your reader to subscribe if he likes your content tell him. To receive feedback, ask a question.

3. Create a page about yourself : you already know that according to Alfonso Alcántara you are a “digital homeless” if you don’t have a blog . Create an “about me” section within your personal blog. Talk about the facts without embellishment or exaggeration. Selling well does not mean selling smoke. It consists of getting out what you are worth and not waiting for someone to take the time to discover it. Typically in blogs people are curious about the blog. If you don’t have a blog you can also use eg your LinkedIn profile. If you have more social networks, a page like can be useful to add them all there.

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