Social proof, scarcity and mere exposure effect

Behind ‘because’ everything is correct. At least that’s what our brain thinks. And that is not for nothing. This came about when at the age of 3 we got an answer to every question in our why phase.

No less than 94% of the people gave the test taker the lead when question 3 was asked!

The word ‘because’ gives your text extra magical power. Do I recommend stating a nonsense reason in the vacancy text? No. Use the word ‘because’ and Taiwan Phone Number follow it with something that moves the target audience. For example, ‘You choose this job because you immediately receive a contract for an indefinite period’ or ‘This employer is interesting because you have plenty of development opportunities here’. After all, everything after the word ‘because’ makes sense in our brains.

If  Use these 3 influencing techniques

The word ‘if’ makes everything possible. This word removes all obstacles and resistance from your candidate. So it is very powerful to use the word ‘if’ in your job posting. Because what ‘if’ you have found your dream job’?

You can use the word ‘if’ very well to help people remember a role they already fulfill. You can also do this in your vacancy texts. If you are looking for a creative communication advisor, you can directly address this creativity in your vacancy text. ‘As a creative communication consultant, you naturally want all the space you need to give shape to your ideas. You get that space with our organisation/province’ is a good example of this.

An additional advantage: your vacancy texts help you with the pre-selection. You address candidates who recognize themselves in the profile you described. And let that be exactly what you are looking for as a recruiter.

Taiwan Phone Number

Magic with numbers has shown

Numbers can make a vacancy text very concrete. And to be fair, we simply cannot ignore the salary within a vacancy text. Research has shown that 78% of job seekers are less likely to apply when the salary is missing in the vacancy text. So you can’t get away with a ‘market-based salary’ for a long time now.

Various studies have shown how sensitive our unconscious brain is to prices. For example, it appears that the use of currency signs can induce price pain in the reader. In our brain, the same part of the brain becomes active as when you hit your thumb with a hammer. Can you feel him already? That’s right, you want to avoid that when you sell a product.

But this actually works the other way around with vacancy texts. In our vacancy texts we talk about an amount that someone receives for the work that is performed. And so it is good to make use of a kind of reverse price pain:


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