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Streamlined the process even further making the barrier between you and that cute pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing tantalizingly low. The emergence of social commerce has made this slippery slope even slipperier by infiltrating the online spaces where we spend the majority of our web-surfing hours. A recent survey found that 46% of consumers anticipate using social platforms’ in-app shopping features more this year. What are Facebook Shops and how do they work? One of Facebook’s latest features.


Shops are free virtual storefronts that allow businesses to streamline the customer experience by either linking them to the business’s existing website or. in the U.S.. by enabling checkout directly from Facebook. Many common ecommerce platforms (e.g.. Shopify. OpenCart. GoDaddy. etc.) integrate with Shops. making set up a breeze by allowing brands to quickly import their catalogs. Businesses can then link to products in their content. run sales. and offer assistance via Messenger or WhatsApp.

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Sprout’s integrations further simplify the process. helping brands add product links to their content and maximize their reach with organic post targeting. Insert a product into your message 6 Facebook Shop examples Georgia Phone Numbers you can learn from At this point. you might be wondering how you can hop on the bandwagon to expand your reach. Take a cue from the following cutting-edge brands that are making the most of Facebook Shops. 1. David Outwear tags individual products in their in-feed posts

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David Outerwear is a men’s clothing retailer. focused on leather jackets. coats and accessories. They primarily promote their products on Facebook by tagging them in their content. This is a simple. no-frills tactic that any product-based brand can execute. As potential customers scroll through their feeds. if an image catches their attention. they can quickly ascertain the price and product details without having to leave the platform.

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Not only does this facilitate a better user experience. but it also pares down the customer journey to the most essential elements. You can tag featured products when you create a post or retroactively tag them in existing posts. Facebook recommends tagging fewer than five products per image. 2. PinkTag goes live to showcase their products PinkTag is a Louisville. Kentucky-based online women’s clothing boutique.


They host Facebook Lives several times a week to showcase their products. engage with customers. and offer discounts. Integrating livestream shopping into your social commerce strategy is a no-brainer for retailers that want to support their customers through the buying process. This option might make sense for your brand if your products are complex. nuanced or especially high-ticket. Engaging with customers in real time gives you the opportunity to address objections. answer questions. and generally highlight your products’ unique selling points.

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