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SEMrush is a tool that provides a lot France Phone Number of insights. But for keyword research, ‘Top Organic Keywords’ is especially important. Are you also a locksmith in Leiden? Then it may be wise to look at the entire domain. Are you working on a page that is aimed at a locksmith in Leiden? Then it is best to choose Exact URL. By choosing the right one, you immediately filter out search terms that are not interesting to you and you see which keywords rank on a certain page. You can use this knowledge later when categorizing the search terms. Write down France Phone Number all search terms and associated search volume in a file. Is it many terms? Then it is of course also easy to export.

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We will continue to expand this list with the France Phone Number help of SEMrush. Completing search terms You probably now have a nice list of search terms and search volumes to get started with, in a file like the one below. Of course this is only a small part. These are often search terms with high competition. It is therefore wise to look for keywords in which you might get higher positions more easily. That is why I also explain how you can expand this list France Phone Number with more extensive search terms. These search terms are always an extension of the main keyword. Often these are long-tail keywords, search terms that have only a small part of the search volume of the main keyword.

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These long-tail search terms have less search France Phone Number volume, but often also less competition. It is therefore wise to respond to this. Besides the fact that they have lower competition, the chance of conversion is also higher because it is often a detailed search. If you respond well to the intent of the searcher , you will convert faster. You can use the Keywords Explorer from Ahrefs or the Keyword Magic Tool from SEMrush for this. Both France Phone Number have many options when it comes to setting certain filters, such as the number of words but also the search volume. All these options allow you to search very extensively for matching search terms. Another handy function is that you can also search for questions. This allows you to set up FAQs

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