Smart Marketers Are Using Bulgaria Phone Number Artificial Intelligence

Every day your team postpones using innovative AI-powered solutions in your content marketing, you lose a competitive edge. If that seemed a bit dramatic, all the better. It’s supposed to be to put your marketing team on their toes and get ready to adopt AI-powered marketing tools.

Artificially intelligent systems are Bulgaria Phone Number constantly running on the background of popular products and services like Netflix, Amazon and, of course, Google. In recent years, however, artificial intelligence has worked its way deeper into marketing, helping brands improve every step of the customer journey. Additionally, tools that were previously available to enterprises at the enterprise level have become affordable and accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.

AI-Enhanced PPC Advertising

Most marketers allocate their pay-per-click budgets to AdWords and Facebook. According to eMarketer, Google controls 40.7% of Bulgaria Phone Number the US digital advertising market, followed by Facebook with 19.7%.

[email protected] controls 40.7% of US digital ad revenue in 2017, followed by @Facebook with 19.7% via @eMarketer. Click to tweet

Most pay-per-click advertising campaigns are handled either by in-house teams or by a PPC agency. In other words, humans. But artificial intelligence can help you discover new advertising channels that your competitors might not be using.

According to Markus, “AI-based systems can help advertisers test more ad platforms and optimize targeting. That’s exactly what Facebook does with ad serving optimization. However, this approach could also be applied to omnichannel PPC. Also, campaign data (held by a single company) using third-party or in-house AI tools.

Highly personalized website experience and better CRO

Although the ability of AI is far from. Also, being able to create new websites from scratch, it can help you improve your visitors’ experience through. Also, intelligent personalization of your site.

Smart algorithms can help personalize:

  • Website Experience – By analyzing. Also, hundreds of data points about a single user (including location, demographics, device, website. Also, interaction, etc.), AI can display the best suited offers and content.
  • Push Notifications – Through behavioral personalization, push notifications can be specific to individual users, delivering them the right message at the right time.

Evergage’s 2017 Real-Time Personalization. Also, Survey indicates that 33% of marketers surveyed use AI to deliver personalized web experiences. When asked about the benefits of AI-powered personalization, 63% of respondents mentioned increased.

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