Should You Trust Kuwait Phone Number Artificial Intelligence to Boost Your Content Marketing?

Before breakfast, I check my Facebook Kuwait Phone Number and. Also, LinkedIn feeds for a brief summary of the day. As I hop in the shower, I click “download” on a recommended movie on Netflix, knowing I have a long flight tonight. While gulping down my cereal, I click once to buy a present. Also, for a friend’s birthday next week. My iPhone beeps to tell me I have to leave now if I want to do that early meeting 54 miles away. And as I get into my car, I use voice activation to play my favorite Spotify playlist, and. Also, Apple Maps informs me that it will take five minutes to get to the train station this morning.

With real examples of demonstrable value in the marketplace, we can no longer sarcastically joke that AI means “almost implemented.”

We are all conditioned to rely

On technology in our daily Kuwait Phone Number lives, not only for. Also, communication, but also for decision making. This ever-deeper interface with technology will rewire our brains to process information differently, as Nicholas Carr writes in The Shallows. It’s the same with our customers. Popular consumer . Also, apps have led to unconscious mass adoption of advanced predictive technologies. And yet…as we increasingly outsource our cognitive processes to a myriad of consumer applications and tools, the business is only waking up to this new level of customer expectation. This lopsided adoption is clearer when we consider that we now trust a car’s built-in collision avoidance system to protect our lives, but we still wonder if a machine can recommend what to write next in a marketing program or which customer should receive a new product offering.

Inconvenient truth

Over the past 10 years, marketing automation has . Also, grown into a billion dollar industry with the promise of bringing personalization and efficiency to marketing programs. The siren call of automated lead management, lead scoring, and triggered responses to critical lead activity proved irresistible to B2B organizations: there were nearly 11x more companies with the marketing automation in . Also, 2014 than early 2011 (SiriusDecisions), and 60% of companies making at least $500 million have adopted marketing automation by 2014 (Raab Associates).

However, the inconvenient truth about first-gen marketing automation is that it isn’t really automated. It’s a fantastic central workflow tool that can . Also, achieve scale, but it requires resources to set up, integrate, manage, and optimize. Indeed, in many B2B . Also, organizations, the phrase “feeding the beast” has become accepted into marketing jargon

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Kuwait Phone Number

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