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Every year, new technology creates bigger and better marketing capabilities. In 2018, we saw a rise in AI-powered chatbots, innovations in augmented and virtual reality, and more marketing automation. This year, we have all that, but it’s better, faster, and more intelligent. Plus some brand-new innovations not yet seen in the marketing world. Are you ready for the new year? In today’s guide, I share the seven marketing trends you need to know about in 2019 to stay relevant (and thrive).

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Let’s dive in! 1 Deep, Complex Marketing Funnels 2 Mandatory Mobile Website Optimization. One-Second Mobile Site Speed 4 Instagram Ads, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads 5 Product Videos, Demo Videos, and. Explainer Videos 6 Email Marketing Personalization and AI 7 Content Pillar Pakistan Phone Number List Pages and Clusters 1. DEEP, COMPLEX MARKETING FUNNELS If there’s one thing I’ve learned from working with over 50 different small businesses and ecommerce shops, it’s this: Most people’s funnels suck.

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Screenshot showing an email funnel Your advertising tools automatically increase your ad spend. On the 15th because you know that people generally get their second paycheck of the month then and have disposable income. They get their paycheck and finally decide to invest in your acne cream because you’ve earned their trust and spoken to their specific problem. See how complex — and personalized — funnels are now? This wouldn’t be possible without advancements in AI and big data, as well as detailed analytics. Complex funnels aren’t necessarily new for 2019,

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