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SEO migration is slightly different at bol than at Germany Phone Number the average SME. This is because many facets have to be solved in a scalable way. To prepare for this properly, Annelies divided the steps into 4 phases: 1. Adjusting IT architecture Think of building a system that ensures that all on page SEO signals Germany Phone Number are implement in the correct way. They call this their TRC system that generates SEO metadata for 16 different page types. For example: Meta title Meta description Heading tags Canonical URL Robots (index/noindex etc) 2. Building Germany Phone Number multilingual SEO services To make the switch to the French-speaking language region in Belgium, the TRC system had to be adapte.

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Some challenges: The webshop Germany Phone Number and the TRC system do not speak different languages ​​You have to think about how these systems communicate with each other. French grammar differs from Dutch 3.   URL migration is a Germany Phone Number challenge, especially at bol. To ensure that she did not make any mistakes here, she divided this phase into 7 steps: Inform stakeholders Determine time plan Prepare a redirect plan Create a “flip switch” plan Test Germany Phone Number everything (were the internal links working, does the switch of language regions go well) Migration Audit whether the KPIs are being met after the migration 4. Launch After all that hard work, it was time to launch the migration.

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The Google ads keyword planner for this by Germany Phone Number only entering a URL of the website.). As a blogger, marketer or content creator, it is of course fantastic when your content goes viral. But why do things go viral? Is that due to the information, the value, the type of content? The answer to that is: no, it’s none Germany Phone Number of those things. Ryan Holiday describes in his book Growth Hacker Marketing why content is going viral. In this blog I explain the results of his research and how you can apply this within your organization. The importance of sharing We humans love to Germany Phone Number share information and opinions with others. This is how we form relationships with the people around us.

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