Several Ways to Replicate a Competitor’s Backlink Strategy

to follow? What is the best practice for using anchor texts optimally? Before we get into anchor text optimization tactics, let me give you a brief idea of ​​anchor text types. Types of Anchor Texts There are a wide variety of anchor texts you can have. A better understanding of anchor text types can help you have a natural anchor link profile. Here are the basic types of anchor texts. Exact match anchor texts When the target keyword and the anchor text are exactly the same, it refers to exact match anchor texts. Let’s take an example, the keyword is “daycare” and the anchor text is exactly “daycare”etc Branded anchor texts Branded anchor texts use the brand names found there. It is safe and effective to use, with a branded

domain. Example: The brand name

is “Nike” or “Hershey” and the anchor texts are the same as “Nike” and “Hershey” respectively. Bare Anchor Texts If you use raw URL as anchor text, we call it as bare anchor Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists texts. Between content, inserting such naked anchors would be disruptive. You can avoid this type of anchors. Example: Generic anchor texts Most of the time, generic anchor texts prompt CTAs like click here, read now, this website, tap here to go , etc. In the content writing flow, generic anchor text works well. But that doesn’t help Google know anything about the linked URL. Do not use it more often. For example, “click here”, “learn more”, “this article”, etc. LSI Anchors Using multiple

variations of your target keyword in

Canadian CTO CIO Email Lists

the anchor text refers to LSI anchors. Let’s take an example, the keyword is daycare and the anchors “nursery”, “kids daycare”, etc. look similar to partial match anchors. Image anchors Basically, the alt text you assign to the image is the anchor text for the image link. If you don’t give alt text, then it will have a “no text” anchor. Understanding the Google Penguin Update Before we dive into this anchor text report guide to creating or building an anchor text strategy, understand the Google Penguin Update. In addition to all of Google’s ranking algorithms, Google Penguin helps capture sites that

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