7 Atypical Tips on Setting Up a Start-up That Not Everyone Would Give You

I am lucky to be living the creation phase of a start-up that was launched from scratch and in less than 2 months of life it already has 600 clients. At the same time I am closing another one in which I have invested a lot of effort and passion for 5 years.

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Both experiences have led me to the conclusion that not all the typical advice about setting up a start-up is useful to you. This post has been heavily inspired by a post by Rand Fishkin of Moz where he gives his atypical advice for launching a business.

1 1. Start a personal blog now and post 3-7 times a week
2 2. Start marketing as soon as possible
3 3. Don’t get obsessed with technology
4 4. Emotions are more important than needs in a business
5 5. Dissatisfaction increases the satisfaction of your customers
6 6. Start with your partner
7 7. Don’t
1. Start a personal blog now and post 3-7 times a week
It is not too surprising that I give you this advice. USA Business Fax List Have you heard that blogs are a good channel to promote your start-up? Turn your personal blog into your most important promotional channel for your start-up. Don’t have time to do it? You’re wrong. What you don’t have is the time to delay it any longer. If you do, take it seriously. It’s not worth that today I have no ideas to post. Keep in mind that all the other bloggers in your niche in which you want to position yourself have an advantage and to reach them you will have to run a little faster than them.

Why Content Marketing Is Important for Your Start-up

2. Start marketing as soon as possible
Time is gold. The product is important but to have the opportunity that there are 2 or 3 who are interested in what you do, you have to have taken advantage of every minute and hour telling the world what you are about to do. Starting with marketing before launching the product requires being clear about what you want to do. Promoting one thing and then launching something else can make you lose a lot of credibility and trust because you don’t deliver what you promise.

Why it makes sense to launch your project in 2 or 3 phases

3. Don’t get obsessed with technology
I agree with Rand Fishkin who says don’t get obsessed with finding a good CTO. I’m not saying it’s not relevant but there are alternatives. We are currently working with a freelance programmer who is very involved in the project. It’s not easy to find but if you don’t look for it you’ll never find it. Although your model requires some kind of technological platform, you do not have to start developing something from scratch. We are based on WordPress. When we find the ceiling of possibilities, we will begin to develop something from scratch.

How to Choose the Most Suitable Tools for My Online Business

USA Business Fax List
USA Business Fax List

4. Emotions are more important than needs in a business
It is quite difficult to find a market niche in which you are only because nobody had fallen for it. You are not the only entrepreneur in the world with an alert mind, so if a new need arises, there are already services and products to cover it because there have even been people who have anticipated this evolution of the market. USA Business Fax List Instead of focusing on something completely new, try to generate emotions with what you do. It is more important to touch the hearts of your customers than to satisfy their needs.

It is more important to know the “why” than the “what” when setting up a business

5. Dissatisfaction increases the satisfaction of your customers
This phrase sounds like total bullshit so it requires some explanation. Without suffering and sadness there would be no happiness. It is the contrasts in life that make us appreciate the positive sides more. The same thing happens to your clients. The most loyal and satisfied customers are those who have previously had a problem with you. The key has been that you have known how to react in time and provide a solution. That is why you should dare to launch with an imperfect product. Allow the customer to give you feedback , to criticize and complain. If at this moment you are not able to put your batteries and react in a matter of hours, this strategy will generate a sudden death.

When You “fuck It Up” Take the Opportunity to Build Customer Loyalty

6. Start with your partner
Really? Yes, as I tell you. Think about it for a moment. You will work every day between 10-16 hours for your start-up. The only thing you have in mind is to set up the company and continue developing the product. Your start-up has become an obsession for you. In my beginnings my brother called me “mentally poor” (it is a bad translation of “geistig verarmt” and yes, I speak German with my brothers) in my beginnings. Worst of all, he was right. Now imagine a couple that has absolutely nothing to do with this world. She’s going to go crazy at best. I was lucky enough to undertake with my partner who from time to time also reminded me that there are other issues that deserve my attention in

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