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Also read: How to respond to Google’s changing search results page with SEA An increasing role Since 2013, the E-A-T guidelines have been quite develope and if I can believe the assumptions on various SEO forums, it will Belgium Phone Number play an increasingly important role in the position of your search result in Google. For example, Lily Ray showed us a slide of websites that had their SEO in order, but Belgium Phone Number did little about their E-A-T. That worked until recently, until disaster struck. Fortunately, there is still such a thing as SEO specialists ;-). Lily Ray warned us: E-A-T is not an easy process and the shortcuts, such as creating false personas, are also a thing of the past.

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Google is getting better at EAT signals Belgium Phone Number Google is getting better at EAT signals More and more patents filed by Google indicate that Google is increasingly able to determine who is an entity and who is not. For Belgium Phone Number example: agent rank, website representation vectors, author vectors, and identifying authoritative results. Good to remember: experts are entities (something in the broadest sense of the word). Do you want to find out if you are an entity? Then you can Belgium Phone Number use the Diffbot Natural language API (For Dutch websites I sometimes use the Google ads keyword planner for this by only entering a URL of the website.).

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As a blogger, marketer or content Belgium Phone Number creator, it is of course fantastic when your content goes viral. But why do things go viral? Is that due to the information, the value, the type of content? The answer to that is: no, it’s none Belgium Phone Number of those things. Ryan Holiday describes in his book Growth Hacker Marketing why content is going viral. In this blog I explain the results of his research and how Belgium Phone Number you can apply this within your organization. The importance of sharing We humans love to share information and opinions with others. This is how we form relationships with the people around us.


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