Russia’s traffic from west to east was forced to be cut off by major rivers

Russia’s traffic from west to east was forced to be cut off by major rivers. In addition, the winter snow melted in summer and the roads were prone to water and collapse. which made Russia’s east-west traffic in winter when rivers freeze. Snowmobiles that operate on ice become the fastest means of transportation.

Due to the inconvenience

East-west transportation. the Russian South Africa Phone Number Empire began to plan the Trans-Siberian Railway across the Eurasian continent after investigating the transcontinental railway between the United States and Canada century. The starting point is Moscow and the destination is Vladivostok with a total length kilometers, making it the longest railway in the world.

In Asia in the late 19th century, geopolitics were quite complicated. After the Sino-British Opium War, the Western colonial empires began to erode China, a huge and decaying dragon country. The sea-power countries dominated by Britain advanced from south to north. Russia, the land-power countries. invaded from north to south. The Japanese Empire also began to land on the Korean Peninsula after the Meiji Restoration, and Manchuria became the commercial and military focus of the Sea of ​​Japan Economic Circle. between China, Japan and Russia at that time.

The construction of the Trans-Siberian Railway by the Russian Empire did not only consider the issue of trade and transportation. With the strategic thinking of St. Petersburg, if there was an incident in the Sea of ​​Japan. the military and supplies in Vladivostok would not be enough to deal with Japan. Result, Russia to mobilize military personnel and equipment in the European region to enter. In Manchuria, it will take a lot of time and manpower. The completion of the Trans-Siberian Railway can help Russia to control the East more accurately.

In fact, Russia’s strategic intention to build the Trans-Siberian Railway made the Japanese Empire, which controlled the Korean Peninsula at that time, thorn in its back, and chose to speed up its strategic timetable for Manchuria.

The Sino-Russian secret

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Confirmed the strategic intention. Japanese Empire towards Russia and made Japan decide to start the Russo-Japanese. War before the completion of the Trans-Siberian Railway. When the war broke out, the Trans-Siberian Railway could not be fully connected on Lake Baikal. The interruption of supply lines and the need to be reinforced by the Black Sea Fleet. As a result, Russia was completely wiped out in the Tsushima Strait.

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