Results of the Seo Experiment to Appear in the Suggestions

Frequent readers of this blog will remember the SEO experiment I started almost 3 months ago to find out what it took to appear in the Google search box suggestions.

The Concept Behind the Seo Experiment

The idea was to generate traffic to the blog with a Bulgaria WhatsApp Number combination of specific keywords. Readers had to actively help through the following two actions:

1. Copy and paste into Google “online marketing carlos bravo”.

2. Click on the result of

The idea was to see if in this way Google also began to position this blog for the keyword “online marketing”. If now you have not understood absolutely anything of what I have just told but I have created some curiosity in you, it is better that you read the post that describes the SEO experiment before continuing.

Visits registered with the SEO experiment (12.06.-03.09.2012)

To start I want to be honest with you: it has been a total failure. I would like to say that there have been relevant effects. It has not been the case.

Seo Experiment After

Visits containing “online marketing” during the SEO experiment, Those who know me a little know that I would still like to learn something from it. So let’s start by looking at the numbers. From June 12, 2012 to September 3, the following visits from search engines that began with “online marketing” have been recorded:

72 visits with “carlos bravo online marketing” as required by the experiment.
9 visits with “online marketing” which is the combination we are looking for.
15 visits with other combinations of “online marketing” with a third or fourth word.
At first glance, one might think that something has been achieved, given that 9 visits have actually been registered with the objective term “online marketing”.

Visits registered before carrying out the SEO experiment (20.03.-11.06.2012)

To get an idea if there has been an effect it makes sense to analyze the same period of time but before the date of the test. Let’s also see here the visit data related to “online marketing”.

Data from the SEO experiment before. Visits containing “online marketing” before the SEO experiment, 28 visits with some combination of “online marketing” in total.

2 Visits With “online Marketing”

Bulgaria WhatsApp Number
Bulgaria WhatsApp Number

Obviously the number of searches for combinations is much lower given that in this period of time we have not influenced user behavior. My request has motivated some readers to participate and therefore generate 72 visits that are not registered before the experiment. If we subtract these figures we have 4 fewer visits with combinations that arise from “online marketing”.

Conclusions of the SEO experiment to enter the Google search box

The first conclusion that we can obtain is that I am a painful SEO but that is not what we are talking about since we already knew it before. Every month there are 673,000 monthly searches for “online marketing” worldwide. If we compare that figure with the 72 searches that have been carries out in even a period three times longer, we see that in relation it is unlikely to have any influence effect.

In general, the figures obtained are too low to have had an impact. In the last post I have linked a very similar project that through the search box seeks to improve the reputation of Andalusians in search engines. Despite having received more than 170,000 visits ( as indicated on their website ) as you can see in the image below,

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