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That can be such a graph or table. It is always Iceland Phone Number a way that fits the (positive) mindset that I want to achieve with my target group. How do you formulate positive figures? The following examples show you: Your own Iceland Phone Number pension contribution is 2% ⇒ 98% of your pension is paid by us. 25% of the occupants did not survive the plane crash ⇒ 8 of the 12 occupants survived the plane crash. For 250 euros you can work out for a year ⇒ For 0.68 euros a day you can work Iceland Phone Number out. 7. Apply price psychology with numbers When you talk about numbers, you often talk about data, but also often about prices.

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If you are talking about prices, it is better to Iceland Phone Number apply price psychology. A brilliant subject that has all kinds of angles. You may have heard that it is smart to change an amount from € 5 to € 4.99. Because the number Iceland Phone Number before the decimal point is reduced and the price is not rounded, our brain unconsciously associates it with cheap. Lowering your price isn’t always a smart move. With high-end Iceland Phone Number products or services, you probably want to avoid the association with cheap.

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Rounding a price to a round number or Iceland Phone Number something that ends in 99 seems a bit like finger work. In that case, it seems more credible if you use a price of, for example, 7992 instead of 8000. And why are there no euro signs and decimals? Because when seeing a currency symbol such as €, the brain Iceland Phone Number perceives the price as higher. Just like seeing more numbers and punctuation marks, like 7,992.89 or even 7,993.00. Then the reader gets the idea that the price is of a higher category than it actually is. Price psychology has 101 other perspectives. For example, a price in a Iceland Phone Number quotation text of 47.77 appears higher than that of 48.83. How? Because the price sounds longer.

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