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Google Tag Manager (GTM) helps save potential hours of time and back-and-forth communication, both for PPC managers and developers.

Have you ever sent a tracking code to a development team, only to wait weeks for it to be installed?When managing any PPC campaign, you must have proper conversion Mexico Phone Number data flowing into ad platforms in order to do your job properly.

However, getting the right pixels in place  can become far more complex than expected.


And you can then deploy tracking codes without having to touch a line of code within the website.

You can also quickly update and edit tracking codes as needed, with a long list of options for trigger rules at your disposal to fire events at the right times.

You’ll find step-by-step instructions for installing GTM on your site and helpful tips for setting up tags from popular ad platforms.

Setting Up Google Tag Manager

If you haven’t yet created a GTM account, start here. The interface will walk you through setting up a new account.Enter the Account Name. Generally, you’ll Mexico Phone Number want this to be your business name or a name that is otherwise clearly tied to your site.

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The Account is the top-level “bucket” for holding your company’s GTM data.

Next, within your account, you can create one or more containers. Generally, a container would be tied to a specific domain name or subdomain.

Enter a Container Name (usually, your website URL works well as a clear identifier here).

Google Ads Conversion Tag

Mexico Phone Number
Mexico Phone Number

Although, Web for a standard website setup, and click “Create” to go to the next step.

You’ll need to say “Yes” to a service agreement to move forward.Next, you’ll see a box appear  containing the code to add to your site.

You’ll need to add the first snippet of code toward the top portion of the site and the second snippet right after theopening tag.




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