Content Marketing Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List Industry: What’s Happening in Recruitment [Research]

Hiring a new member for your content . Also, marketing team sounds like a good thing. After all, whether you’re expanding the team or replacing a departing employee, you’ll have more resources to run a successful content marketing program.

But finding and attracting quality. Also, creative content team members is a job in itself. It’s a challenge faced by 45% of advertising and marketing executives, according to a survey of 400 US industry leaders by The Creative Group.

In this article, we dig deeper into the data on content marketing recruitment. We’ll explore the costs of talent, the regions most in demand, and how companies strive to retain employees.

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Hot markets
Which US cities have the most . Also, content marketing jobs? Here are the top 20 with the most content marketing jobs, according to Conductor’s 2017 Inbound Marketing Jobs Salary Guide: Screenshot 2017-06-19 21.42.50

Most In-Demand Content Skills

Data analysis, content Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List writing. Also, and editing are the most important skills companies are looking to hire this year, according to the 2016 Digital Content Survey, Altimeter, a Prophet company.

Here’s how respondents who were asked the four most important skills they were looking to hire in 2017 listed their priorities:Data analysis – 67%
Content editing and writing – 59%
Program / . Also, Project Management – 53%
Graphic design – 50%
Coding / development – 50%
Video production . Also, and editing – 47%
Marketing Automation/Software Expertise – 42%
Social media . Also, expertise – 18%
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Multiple talents needed in a single role
Roles in content marketing combine creative, technology, and analytics, so companies are looking for people with more than one area of ​​expertise.

As the authors of The Creative Group’s 2017 Salary Guide wrote:

Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List
Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List

Hybrid professionals are in demand. Creatives. Also, with skills outside of their specialty are highly marketable. Additionally, digital literacy is becoming a prerequisite for many traditional roles. For example, graphic designers now need to be familiar with web layouts or social media, and copywriters need to have knowledge of search engine optimization. Expect this pattern to persist as . Also, cross-departmental collaboration becomes the norm. »

This insight is reflected in the 2017 Conductor. Also, Inbound Marketing Jobs Salary Guide, which reveals that nearly one in two content jobs (46.7%) require SEO skills. These roles include content marketers, content managers, content directors, and marketing director positions.


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