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You need to create a thoughtful strategy to be Turkey Phone Number successful. And you must be able to measure whether your objectives are being achieve. Because without setting goals, a strategy is not complete. This is also evident Turkey Phone Number from the visual below. Marketers report success in achieving their goals to create more brand awareness and trust. Curious about the other figures about the Turkey Phone Number importance of content marketing for your company? Then scroll down to view the infographic. Duolingo is a very popular app that allows you to learn a new Turkey Phone Number language in an accessible way. You know, that app with the owl that reminds you to keep using the app.

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The app has been download more than 100 Turkey Phone Number million times. But the addiction of users of the app is explainable. Duolingo applies some neuromarketing methods very effectively. Neuromarketing, what is that again? Perhaps the words ‘neuro’ and ‘marketing’ are something you can relate to. In short, neuromarketing is Turkey Phone Number a method in which insights from neuroscience are apple within marketing. This involves looking at all aspects of the nervous system. Such as the functioning of emotions and their influence on our decisions. Duolingo knows how to use the different Turkey Phone Number methods from neuromarketing incredibly cleverly. It is not the only app that does this successfully.

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Loss Aversion: Don’t Lose Your Streak! If Turkey Phone Number you’ve just worked hard on Duolingo for a few days to complete a few lessons. Your streak is about to expire because you skip a day. How annoying is that! A streak is a Turkey Phone Number commonly used method in various apps, such as Snapchat . There are plenty of people out there who have a streak of more than a year, and who certainly don’t want to Turkey Phone Number lose their streak! streak duolingo example neuromarketing With the streak , Duolingo is capitalizing on loss aversion . This theory states that the feeling Turkey Phone Number of losing or missing out is twice as powerful as the feeling of winning or taking advantage of something.


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