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In addition, I do not believe in Italy Phone Number a price per word for a cent(imeter). Why I don’t believe in a price per word? Because I see the writing itself as the smallest part of the total writing process. In the writing process I spend Italy Phone Number on average about 50% of the time on the intake/research. The writing itself? I am happy with that 20% of the time. This leaves 30% for editing. Because to write is Italy Phone Number to delete . Continuous sharpening, where the delete button is your best friend. bread writer If you get paid per word, the delete button is not your best friend but your worst enemy.

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The chance that you then click on it Italy Phone Number is smaller since each click on that button costs you a few cents. It is better to use passive language , which will yield 1 or 2 extra words per sentence. Cash desk. Add some filler Italy Phone Number language then? You know those empty words and cliché formulations that add nothing but do bring in the necessary extra money. And repeating, also a good idea under the guise: the power of repetition. Well, you have to pay the bills somewhere, right? And Italy Phone Number when I sum it up like that, I almost start to see opportunities in a fee per word.

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I am now over 240 words with this Italy Phone Number one text element. I walk to the bakery for that whole wheat bread. It was the summer of 2011. While the ink on my Chamber of Commerce registration was drying up, I had a Italy Phone Number call with one of my first potential clients. The question I feared so much came: ‘What is your rate?’ Uncertainly and almost unintelligibly, I muttered: ’65 euros an Italy Phone Number hour. While I whispered that this was exclusive of VAT, the potential client said: ‘I mean what is your rate per word.’ It was a good thing that there were no MS Teams or Zoom sessions in 2011. So my surprised look and open mouth did not come into view.


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