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However, there is a much greater Benin Phone Number chance that the text will be ping-ponged back and forth between the copywriter and the client a few times. Especially if the collaboration is still new. Collaboration: that is also the code word for Benin Phone Number a smashing result. The knowledge of the client and that of the copywriter must come together. The best text is the result of good cooperation. It’s a wrap . These were the 7 misunderstandings about copywriters that I come across just too often. And which I hope I have made short work of with this article. I am Benin Phone Number very curious: are you a copywriter and do you recognize one or more misunderstandings? Or are you missing another?

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It would be nice if you let us know Benin Phone Number in the comments. It is the frustration of many a marketer who keeps up with the social media of his or her organization: you constantly have to go after all the content yourself. You ask your colleagues Benin Phone Number for input, you send reminders and in the end you are largely doing it yourself again. Recognizable? Time to give it another go! With these 5 steps you will involve your colleagues in creating Benin Phone Number content for your social media channels. The customer service people, the account managers, the office staff, the salespeople: they know better than anyone else what is going on with your customers.

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What problems do they have, what Benin Phone Number keeps them busy? And so: what can your company help them with? That produces interesting and relevant content. Now all you need to do is surface them so that you can post those stories on Benin Phone Number your social media channels. With these tips you will succeed! Step 1: Schedule a ‘what’s in it for me’ meeting Invite your colleagues to a kick-off meeting. As always, your colleagues will Benin Phone Number also want to know: ‘what’s in it for me’? So don’t forget to mention that! Explain to your colleagues how social media can support their work. That it is a way to get fun, new assignments Benin Phone Number because you can focus specifically on the target group you prefer to work with or for.


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