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The only Dutch newspaper that remains is the Jordan Phone Number Nederlands Dagblad. Together with the Flemish newspapers De Standaard, De Tijd and Het Nieuwsblad, the supply of Dutch-language newspapers is four. That is not only a damper for the subscribers, it ‘gnaws at the survival of Blendle’, says Blendle director Jordan Phone Number Willem-Jan Lemsin a response. As good as Blendle’s concept is, its survival is based on the offer, which is thinning out considerably. It makes me wonder: is the withdrawal of publishers or content creators the inevitable fate of more (initially so) innovative Jordan Phone Number collecting platforms? What went wrong between Blendle and DPG Media? From 2014, Blendle ensured that many newsreaders who previously did not pay for journalism, did so.

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At that time, newspapers and newspapers Jordan Phone Number did not have much to offer digitally and the sale of individual articles on Blendle was a godsend. The reason for the withdrawal of DPG Media is, among other things, Blendle’s changed business model. Because paying per article was not profitable, an ‘all you Jordan Phone Number can read’ subscription was introduced a few years later. “Netflix for journalism,” Blendle founder Alexander Klöpping called it. Where you can read unlimited for a fixed amount. But that competes with DPG Media’s own (digital) subscriptions and generates too little Jordan Phone Number income for them. Blendle is even said to be ‘cannibalizing’. Supply of Dutch-language newspapers on Blendle in April 2022 Supply of Dutch-language newspapers on Blendle on April 1, 2022, viaBlendle Are your own subscription forms more interesting?

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You could say that Blendle acted as training Jordan Phone Number wheels until newspaper publishers could cycle themselves. Because nowadays (daily) newspapers themselves seem to be successful in offering and selling digital subscriptions. Would you like to read the NRC and the Volkskrant now? Then you have to take out different Jordan Phone Number subscriptions again. Paying for access to journalistic articles or a library with a wide range of video content or reading and listening material has become the most natural thing in the world. Partly due to subscription forms such as Blendle’s and the increase in Jordan Phone Number pay walls at online newspapers. But subscriptions to individual content creators, including journalists, are also on the rise. In an earlier Weekly I already wrote about this.

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