Publish PDFs sparingly Poland Phone Number

Yes, PDFs are easy to Poland Phone Number publish. Resist the temptation unless you also publish the content as a web page. With the exception of gated content (files that people can download in exchange for their email address), PDFs, according to Andy, are “a terrible thing to put on your website – the rust of the internet.”

Here’s why:

  • People cannot easily share locked content in a PDF.
  • Search engines cannot rank PDF content.
  • Analytics cannot measure the performance of PDF content.
  • PDF files are not accessible to visitors with disabilities.
  • PDFs are not interactive.

Resist the temptation to publish a PDF unless you also publish the content as a web page, says crestodina. CMWorld Click to tweet

This graph shows the advantages and disadvantages of PDF pages compared to HTML pages.

Put thank you messages on their own pages

From the viewer’s perspective, a thank you message is a thank you message. From a content marketer’s perspective, you get more useful analytics when you place thank you messages on their own pages, separate from your signup forms.

Here is an example of a page that Poland Phone Number includes both the registration form and the thank you message. As soon as someone fills in the fields to request a demo (thus becoming a lead), the thank you message appears below the form – on the same URL as the form. “There is no JavaScript trigger. There is no destination goal,” Andy says.

Publish contact forms, not email links

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Poland Phone Number

Email links have drawbacks:

  • They don’t lead to a thank you page, so you can’t track these interactions in analytics or automatically provide additional content or subsequent calls to action.
  • They cannot be stored in a backup database
  • They may not pass
  • They do not send an auto-response email unless an email is configured for that email address
  • They don’t steer themselves based on what the sender says
  • They attract spam (Spammers write bots that search the Internet for live email addresses, then spam those addresses.)

This table shows the pros and cons of contact forms versus email links.


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