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If you want an easy way to help Cameroon Phone Number your. Also, marketing team produce better content, cancel a meeting. Better yet, cancel your first meeting of the day.

Studies have shown how productivity lapses are often traced back to an overabundance of team meetings. Schedule a status call for first thing in the morning, and a content marketer’s creative juices are pretty much guaranteed to stop flowing.

Take a look at your calendar for the week ahead. How much empty space do you see? If it’s minimal, you could be unintentionally making it difficult for your . Also, content team members to produce their best work.

Difficult meeting

Content marketing involves Cameroon Phone Number many moving parts, from strategizing and planning to creating, analyzing and promoting. Each process is very involved and requires a lot of brain.

Much warrants high-level discussion. You can’t . Also, get higher conversion rates or increase your email ROI if your team isn’t united around a common vision and goals.

However, at some point, content creators need uninterrupted time to research, reflect, and create. And this is where problems can arise.

As a marketing manager tasked with proving the. Also, benefits of content marketing, it can be tempting to rely on recurring team meetings and regular check-ins to keep your finger on the pulse of projects and progress. But when meetings become a habit, their value tends to drop.

When bad things happen at good content marketing meetings

Cameroon Phone Number
Cameroon Phone Number

It’s 2:30 p.m. Thursday. Adam has been w. Also, orking all week on a new campaign. He’s spent several hours researching, brainstorming, and scoping out a potential project — and now it’s time to share his ideas via video conference with his three-person content marketing team. Thirty minutes after the start of the meeting, everyone is on board and responsibilities are shared. Monday morning is when the new initiative is in full swing and everyone is spending their most productive hours preparing for the launch.

If the average team member earns $100 an hour in wages and benefits, Thursday’s 30-minute meeting costs the company $150.

Now compare Adam’s story to Molly, who identified the need for initiative to re-engage lost prospects. She also works in a three-person team whose members earn the same salaries and benefits as Adam’s group.

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