Prioritize Daily Tasks as a Survival Strategy

To say I’m stuck is an understatement. I dont complain. I never say “no” to anything. I enjoy life and what I do. I feel like a privileged human being because I can choose and I have options.

Staying Motivated Is Key to Completing Daily Tasks

Along with making decisions , setting priorities Denmark B2B Email List is one of the most important tasks to move forward and have the feeling at the end of the day of having achieved something. My survival strategy to not sink into semi-finished tasks is very simple.

Start with quick tasks first : The most important thing to have a successful day is to have a quick result. To do this, start with something that allows you to achieve it in the first hour of your workday or even before.
Break difficult tasks into parts : You can’t close your eyes to difficult and uncomfortable tasks. Sometimes you run the risk of having the feeling of not moving forward because they never end. Break it down into digestible chunks that allow you to make visible progress.
End with some easy tasks : even if they take you a little more time but they allow you to close the day with a more accomplished task. There is nothing more frustrating (at least for me) leaving something half done knowing that you have to go back to it no matter what.
Everyone tells you that you should prioritize the most important tasks. Let’s see, that’s common sense. The question is whether they are really done that way. I do not think so.

You Have to Find a Balance Between Pleasure and Duty to Set Priorities

Denmark B2B Email List
Denmark B2B Email List

The problem is that all of us are lazy. There is no need to overthink it, it is so. I write a daily post because I like it, period. It is true that there are days where it costs me more but my blog does not make me suffer.

Well, I’ll tell you what happens to me when I have no other options than to perform a highly unpleasant task. I get on with it and 2 minutes later I see an envelope in the bottom corner of my laptop telling me I just received an email. “It could be very important”, I tell myself so I obviously have no choice but to find out. “Publi”, well, it could have been an urgent thing so I’ve done well to make sure. Before continuing, I get up to get something to drink because “suddenly” I feel thirsty that you can’t see.


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