Practice and Try Hard if You Want to Survive

At 14, he was the best player on my team. He was among the best of my age in the region. They invited me to be part of the provincial team. The players and their parents knew me because they called me by my name when we played against them.

Finished a season and touched the summer vacations. Instead of coming back on time I preferred to stay longer on the beach and missed some important weeks of preparation. I lived a totally unknown experience until then. The first game I was on the bench and came out for the last 10 minutes. My self-confidence was destroyed and I couldn’t get into the main team on a regular basis throughout the season. I was never again the player I was when I was 14 years old.

1. Talent Is Not Enough – Don’t Relax.

Never. Talent only allows you to get ahead Uruguay B2B List in the race. If you don’t keep running or go slower than you could go, those behind you will catch up with you sooner or later. Having talent is a danger because it makes you think that you have to work less hard than others to be successful.

2. Practice to stand out and offer a better service : I have given the “Course for bloggers” more than 20 times for about 400 students. Every time I give it again I come out more prepared for the next one. I could do the 5 hours without visual support because I already know the slides by heart. Of course it would be more fun to always do something different each time, but that’s not what it’s about. You have to think about an always better user experience. Without repetition there is no improvement.

3. Learn to Master New Things

Uruguay B2B List
Uruguay B2B List

Having no talent can be an advantage. You get used to leaving your comfort zone because many things challenge you . The one who finishes a marathon is not worth more than the one who runs a 10 kilometer race. The effort and challenge can be the same for both people. Practice practicing new things. Never stop learning. The world keeps moving and you should too.

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