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on-page keyword optimization. It is therefore simple to identify that your anchor texts correspond exactly to the target keywords (daycare). With this, it becomes clear that you are creating artificial links. You will catch a penalty now. Literally, Google Penguin is dealing with poor quality links and over-optimized anchor texts. Say “no” to bad backlinks. Co-occurrence of anchor text we might use You can place keywords somewhere around link anchors, especially as much as close to anchor texts. Co-occurrence of anchor text SEO experts call this co-occurrence. Here are some examples for your better understanding. Examples #1 Generic Anchor Texts Target Keyword: “internal linking” Anchor Text: ‘refer to this page’ “Want to learn more about

internal linking strategy check out this

page”. #2 Word Brand Anchor Texts. Fuzzy Match Anchor Texts When you include your keyword along with other wordsreasonable to use non-optimized Founder Email Lists brand anchors. If providing a link in the body of the content, place it near your keyword. # Resource pages or communities Resource pages allow you to feed your brand anchors or just the page title of the page. If linking to your website page, give it the title with partial match anchors. Therefore, to convince search engines as well as compel visitors to click on your link. # PBN Links You invest money in buying multiple expired domains. So,

keep exact or partial match anchor

Founder Email Lists

texts to get the most out of them. But don’t encourage PBN links often or more. # Tiered Links Keeping your top tier link SEO friendly is safer with anchors that are around 1% (or even less) accurate. But, it is not necessary in the case of level two or level three. Don’t be too aggressive. You can have 5% exact match anchor texts, so you don’t get hit with Google penalties. Anchor Text Strategy for EDM and PDM Sites Hope you have a basic idea about Exact Domain Match (EDM) and Partial Domain Match (PDM). Here is an example. EDM is if the target keyword is “daycare” and the domain name is daycarecentre.com. Otherwise, PDM is if the domain name is yourchildcare.com, childcaringcentre .com.

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