The 4 Pillars for Guerrilla Marketing to Work for You

Just today I gave a course in collaboration with by streaming and in person for about 50 people in Madrid. Unfortunately my part could not be broadcast live but all those who are registered in the streaming form will receive the video and the presentations by mail.

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I talked about capturing the public’s attention with guerrilla marketing actions 2.0. I do not want to sell you the bike by telling you that we have planned all of this as it is from the beginning to launch Quondos . Sweden WhatsApp Number List The curious thing is that without having executed it consciously, all the pillars are reflected in our project.

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1 You have an existing community that supports you
2 Do not sell a functionality or capacity but a state of mind
3 Create viral content that gets people talking
4 Position yourself and work on thematic branding
You have an existing community that supports you
Both Alex and I have a blog that already has a certain audience. Sweden WhatsApp Number List . We add 6,000 daily visits. Depending on the theme, it may be little, but in a niche such as online marketing, it is already a sufficiently large critical mass.

It may seem like guerrilla marketing “only” requires viral content. It’s actually not that easy. For your message to spread like a virus, you need multipliers that act as speakers for your message. If you already have a community that trusts you, you have a much higher chance that your content will reach more people.

Do Not Sell a Functionality or Capacity but a State of Mind

Sweden WhatsApp Number List
Sweden WhatsApp Number List

Happiness is an essential element in marketing. I recently talked about the concept of the shovel . During the gold rush, tools to get the valuable metal out of the ground were not sold. What people were really looking for was to acquire a better life.

Your product and service should not only offer functionality. To be in the hearts of your customers you have to go further. Sweden WhatsApp Number List . At Quondos we do not sell training or the promise of making you rich. Our message is that with knowledge and perseverance, each one of us is the owner of their dreams.

Create viral content that gets people talking
“It’s not viral, it happens viral” is what Isra García would tell you . I couldn’t agree more with this statement. Viral marketing cannot be planned. Sweden WhatsApp Number List . You rely too much on the luck factor so you can’t relax basing your marketing campaign on word of mouth. Having a good offer is not enough to sell.

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