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AI is here to stay Competition for Google? SEO tools AI Greece Phone Number Google answers JavaScript going to JavaScript Headless CMS: keep your head up Page Experience Update SEO trends: 2021 off to a good start AI is here to stay It seems like you can no longer start a start-up without AI. We cannot escape it in the SEO world either. Google has made it a spearhead to improve their services. In 2019 we saw the first major update of this with BERT. According to Greece Phone Number Google, this was “the most important update ever”. BERT is an improved deep learning algorithm related to natural language processing (NLP). It helps Google understand the nuances of human language much better.

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This update is therefore mainly aimed at Greece Phone Number  searches formulated in natural language or conversations (such as voice search). OpenAI launched GPT-3 in 2020, resulting in many ‘blown minds’ GPT-3 (Generative Pretrained Transformer version 3) is a Natural Language Processing (NLP) model with the aim of better understanding language, so that, for example, a digital assistant can easily translate a question into an action. And, of course, can Greece Phone Number have conversations that come across. With GPT-3 you can build apps or talk to George Washington, but it can also write clickbait titles and blogs.

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All nice and nice, but of course we have to Greece Phone Number wait until Google integrates these techniques in their search engine algorithms. After all, if Google can do one thing well, it is making a lot of money with new technologies. Google Analytics 4 is the most current example of Google’s deployment of AI. Also read: SEO in 2021: 7 important points to score with Competition for Google? But wait, there’s more! With GPT-3 you can build a good search engine ‘easy’. This opens doors for Google’s competitors like Amazon and Apple to use the massive computing power they already have to compete with Google in their own field. But even parties such as SEO tool Greece Phone Number builder Ahrefs (which has the most active crawler after Googlebot) can realize its wish to set up its own search engine faster, easier and better than previously thought. Will GPT-3 do what Microsoft, DuckDuckGo and the European Commission have never managed to do? Will there finally be a serious alternative to google?

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