Personal History Is the Most Powerful Weapon of the Blogger

Nobody cares about your life. That’s what I thought before I started blogging. I am not referring so much to mine in particular but rather the interest that a reader may have in the personal affairs of the author of a blog.

It Gives You to Speak With a More Personal and Close Tone

If we take as a reference the last Over Paraguay B2B List blog study that was carried out with 5,000 bloggers in the United States and Europe, we can intuit that touching on topics of daily life helps to connect with the reader and get a blog that is read. More than 56% in Europe and even more than 70% in the US do it in one way or another.

Help to connect : I never tire of saying that the reader is the most important thing in a blog. To connect with him you need his trust. Your visitor wants to get to know you a little better. If you want to create stronger links you have to share some personal details about yourself.
Greater number of comments : connecting with the reader means that at the same time the level of participation of the reader increases. I see that in all my most personal posts on average I have 100% more comments than in the rest.
SEO improvements : for various reasons. The comments bring you fresh content and update to the entry. Two factors that Google takes into account for web positioning. In addition, the most intimate stories tend to generate greater impact in the blogosphere in the form of incoming links that refer to the article.
You receive more diffusion : human beings want to see ourselves reflected in third parties. Every time someone tells a story that we have lived in a similar way in our lives, we are able to better empathize with this person. We need this content to reach more people because we identify with it and it makes us feel good.

How to Be More Personal on the Blog

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Touching on personal topics does not mean that from now on you have to reveal the most intimate details. There is a border that should not be crossed because even the most curious reader does not want to know it. Being close is easier than you might imagine.

1. Address your reader with “you” : forget about “you”. It’s like talking to a group of people where in the end no one dares to respond because they don’t know who you’re talking to. With “you” you are telling your reader “hey, I’m talking to you” causing a higher level of participation and connection.

2. How do you feel today? : with small expressions you can convey how you feel. “Today has been a great day” is a very simple phrase to express happiness. Also the way you formulate a sentence can give your reader a clue of how you are in the mood. You can say how you feel without saying it directly.

3. Mention your preferences : “I like to go on the subway because I have fun watching people”. In general, they are small details that help to be more personal in a blog without having to reach an uncomfortable level of intimacy. It’s these little pieces of information that contain nuances about your personality that help you connect.

If you think that a blog is only information you are wrong. What your laptop keyboard produces is much more powerful than you imagine if you dare to go further than others. Lately I have published some more intimate entries on this blog and I have been perplexed by the feedback obtained. Your reader wants to know you better, the question is whether you are going to allow it or not.

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