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Better stolen well than poorly conceived Of course Canada Phone Number you can put a lot of time and effort into finding many search terms that match your products and/or services. But is it worth it? With the currently available tools it is made much easier for you. You have the list of competitor URLs for the top five, four, or three of your search terms. Fill Canada Phone Number these in one by one with a tool like Ahrefs or SEMrush. Because these are paid, you have no limits during your research. With these tools we will look at which search terms the competitors are using on the URLs found. This way you can quickly find search terms that may also be of interest to you. In other words: better stolen well than badly conceived.

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Using Ahrefs I use the example of the locksmith Canada Phone Number again. Suppose you are in Leiden and you have reached the top five for the search term ‘Lyden locksmith’. Enter the URL in the appropriate bar on the Ahrefs homepage. You will then see the image below, which automatically takes you to the Ahrefs Site Explorer. Then click on ‘Organic Search Terms’ on the left, next to the arrow. You will then receive an overview of all keywords that Canada Phone Number Ahrefs has been able to find on which the URL ranks. You can see the search volumes of the search terms, estimated traffic coming in via these terms and the position.

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You can see the overview in the Canada Phone Number image below. In addition, it is also possible to see which keywords are ranked via the domain. You can do this by selecting *.domain/* at the red arrow in the screenshot below. Then the URLs you see will be the ones the search terms rank for. So you don’t just see the URL you entered initially. You can easily find interesting keywords from all over the website that you could also use on your website. Also read: SEO in 2022: 7 predictions by an SEO specialist In addition, this way you can also see on which URL which different search terms rank. You can take this information with you later and use it when categorizing. Of course you can also just export the data if you want to use a lot of the search terms.

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