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A number is a sign, a number is made up of Taiwan Phone Number numbers. To illustrate: eleven is a number represented by the digits 11. The digits are a quantity symbol. A number represents a quantity in numbers. Okay, enough theory. This is not a writing Taiwan Phone Number lesson. More like a magic lesson. So why should you work with numbers in your text? I’m juggling 7 reasons from the top hat: 1. Anything other than letters stands out in text Think of Taiwan Phone Number symbols such as % or € and of numbers. Because numbers stand out, readers can scan, read and remember them more easily. To stand out, I never* write numbers as words, but as numbers in text.

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I do not write the word fourteen but Taiwan Phone Number the numbers 1 and 4 in succession. And if you know that 79% of people scan texts, you can score well with numbers. *Disclaimer It states that I never process numbers as words in text. That’s secretly an overstatement. I mean to say here that, if it were up to me, I always use numbers. For all the reasons Taiwan Phone Number you read here. Still, I sometimes have to deal with a stiff communication department, a language purist or an obligatory style guide who don’t know anything about it. Then I have no choice but Taiwan Phone Number to write out numbers as words. Also read: A complete briefing for copywriters [checklist] 2. Numbers take up less space.

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You can already see that when you Taiwan Phone Number compare 9 or nine. It’s even more striking if you put 798 or seven hundred ninety-eight side by side. Because texts have to be shorter and more concise, you immediately make the first profit here. That gain Taiwan Phone Number is even greater when you are dealing with a text where you have a limited number of characters at your disposal. Think of texts for print advertisements, social media and subject lines for emails. 3. Numbers create clarity It cannot be said often enough, when writing texts, never Taiwan Phone Number forget that clarity is the best gift you can give your reader. I could substantiate this point with all the theory. Still, I believe showing a few examples works 10 times better.

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