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It has to change, but our system is pretty stuck: only Honduras Phone Number together can we get it moving”. Social mission is wove into Marqt’s identity. That the brand is not satisfi with the status quo is immediately clear from the first meeting. SPAR is a Honduras Phone Number Dutch supermarket chain with stores all over the world. The brand positions itself as the center of the neighborhood and a supermarket where everything can be found. Words such as convenience, cosy, enjoy and friendliness come to the fore. This is further apart from the character Honduras Phone Number of a brand that wants to bring about system change. If we plot this in our BSR model , the following picture emerges (see Figure 1): two brands that represent almost opposite value patterns and connect with customer groups with somewhat contrasting lifestyles.

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Red stands for progressiveness, curiosity and the Honduras Phone Number urge for freedom and self-development. Green, on the other hand, feels more comfortable with certainty, security and safety. Spar en Marqt Figure 1: Positioning Marqt and SPAR in BSR Honduras Phone Number model De waarden achter het BSR-model Figure 2: The values ​​behind the BSR model The method In May 2021, we divided n=300 respondents into two groups. Group 1 saw the existing brand story of SPAR and group 2 saw the existing brand story of Marqt. We then showed both groups Honduras Phone Number the same statement, stating that this statement came from SPAR/Marqt. In this statement, both supermarkets adopt a statement about meat consumption. We asked both groups of respondents to what extent they thought this fit with the brand.

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In this study, the attitude towards Marqt was Honduras Phone Number generally more positive in response to the statement than towards SPAR. verschillen in beoordeling van authenticiteit voor Marqt en SPAR Figure 5: Average scores on a 7-point scale, broken down into Honduras Phone Number above average (n=80), average (n=122) and below average (n=110) on authenticity. Here it can be sea that the more authentic the message is experience, the stronger the positive effect of brand activism. Going against expectations can have a major impact on society The results show that if a brand Honduras Phone Number stays true to itself, it gets a greater positive response from consumers because the statement is consider authentic.


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