Optician Sans: the world’s most readable typeface

This typeface has been designed taking as a model the optometric. Tests used by ophthalmologists for centuries anyone who has been to an eye doctors office or has stood behind those. Metal braces full of lenses in an opticians office will have seen and read a series of letters written in black on a white background that allow experts to measure our visual acuity and prescribe us corrective lenses in case we need them. Optician sans is a typeface that imitates the fonts traditionally used for this type of optometric tests, although its creators have created variants. Of the different glyphs in order to adapt it to current uses of design, including. The creation of logos, which is why, by the way, which this project has been able to see the light.


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Optician sans the worlds most readable font 1 the jewelry retouch service optikerk company asked the anti hamar studio for a redesign of its brand image and the norwegian designers immediately connected the idea with these posters, present in all opticians in the world, and went to work to develop the typography. To do this, they decided to investigate who and how had created the first visual acuity measurement posters. The first of these tests was designed by the dutch ophthalmologist herman snellen. In 1862, with a system that consisted of drawing the letters on a grid in which the white spaces and the black spaces were exactly the same. Since then there have been two more standardized charts the louise sloan chart, designed in 1959, and the logmar chart, created in 1976 by the national vision research institute in australia.

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Optician sans the worlds most After that, readable font 3 to BVD Directory design optician sans they were based on the most primitive system and after a long process of debate, experimentation and development they decided to make a second version of each glyph so that it could be adapted to the branding use they intended to give it. The result could not be more perfect, legible and consistent in addition, its creators have. Decided to share optician sans After that, completely free of charge . Optician sans the worlds most readable font 5 optician sans if you want to know more about typography, discover. Here the 5 most popular lettering courses and here you can find everything you need to learn. About lettering and calligraphy.

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