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Better to share this via the channel on Singapore Phone Number which you communicate than in the handbook. This also applies to current projects. Of course you will occasionally update the manual, but this should not become a Singapore Phone Number  weekly task. Companies that come up with concrete examples and hard figures when it comes to the impact they have made have an advantage. In addition, as a B Singapore Phone Number Corp, you are oblige to draw up an impact report. Does your company also need to publish an impact report? And what are the benefits? We share 4 tips. In recent years we have seen a large increase when it comes to impact reports.

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There is a great demand for Singapore Phone Number reliable information in the field of sustainability and companies are asked to provide transparency. What is an impact report? Annual reports are mandatory for most forms Singapore Phone Number of business and we are all familiar with them. From hard figures and working methods to the impact that has been achieved, results of campaigns and the culture Singapore Phone Number within the company. An annual report is a great way to give everyone who contributes to the company or organization (think: in the form of shares, investments, but also (potential) employees) an idea of ​​what is happening to grow the company.

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Impact report, sustainability report or Singapore Phone Number responsibility report (you name it) An impact report comes down to the same thing, although this report is more focused on improving and making a company more Singapore Phone Number sustainable. Companies that come up with concrete examples and hard figures when it comes to the impact they have made as a company have an advantage. B corp impact report B Corp / B Corporation is an international recognition for sustainable Singapore Phone Number companies. The companies that have this certification meet the highest standards in terms of sustainability and social impact. For example, as a B Corp, you are also oblige to publish an impact report that meets certain requirements.


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