One Negative Experience Can Erase 100 Positive Ones

A goalkeeper can have a good game for 89 minutes of the game. If in the 90th minute they score a goal due to his serious mistake, both the public and the press will name him as the culprit of the defeat.

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The strikers may have missed x clear Ghana B2B List chances to score and the team in theory should have been 3 goals above their rival on the scoreboard. The 5 saves that have prevented goals on all previous occasions between 1 to 89 minutes no longer count. All that will be remembered from that goalkeeper match will be his mistake in the 90th minute that caused the defeat.

Positive experiences and achievements do not work as a positive balance in your account
It is not enough to relax in the achievements of the past. You will be judged for it only if it has been negative. Human beings work like this. We give a person a negative balance that has to be erased if our negative experiences with them have been bad. Starting a relationship from scratch actually means paying off debts from the past and trying to erase them with positive actions.

Positive balances on the other hand do not exist. A positive run in the past does not accumulate as positive points to have a cushion in case of “fucking up”. If things go wrong people forget about the past. We are more impacted by the negative than the positive. Most people are able to give feedback when they are not satisfied with something but are unable to mention and highlight the good that others do.

Start Each Day From Scratch

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Don’t ever relax. Both professionally and personally, you have to show what you’re worth every day. It is not enough to think that you have already shown what you are capable of in the past. What counts is the present.

Do your best : It doesn’t matter if it’s tasks you’ve mastered or ones you’re doing for the first time. If you assume a responsibility you have to give 100% of yourself.
Take responsibility : things depend on you and not on third parties. Don’t look for excuses by pointing fingers at other people when it’s your fault.
Ask for help : Excuses are useless to you. It is not a sign of weakness to ask for help, quite the opposite. It is good to know your limitations and work on them.
The rating of a player in a football match will depend 50-80% on his actions in the last 5 minutes. Creating a positive or negative impact towards another person will depend on what you have done in the last 24 hours. Never relax and do not forget to do things with love even if they are unpleasant tasks for you that force you to leave your comfort zone.

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