On thinking about Colombia Phone Number more ambitious projects

As you gain a bit of confidence and experience. Also, under your belt, there’s no limit to where you can go with video marketing. Consider your existing content that can be amplified by video. Do you host in-person events? If so, recording and/or live. Also, streaming can help you expand your audience, including providing access to those who weren’t able to attend. Or how about a five-minute video of your content writers explaining some of. Also, the ideas from one of your most popular articles? Ready for a slightly more ambitious project? It may be time to strengthen your company’s thought leadership – and a series of.

On inspiring video-ninja brands

These video production brands have Colombia Phone Number grown from humble to masterful – and can inspire marketers who feel they can’t afford to make videos in-house.

Microsoft Channel 9
Named after the United Airlines Audio Channel that allows passengers to listen to unedited cockpit audio, Channel 9 was launched in 2004 to give Microsoft developers a chance to sound off in an unscripted environment. The site hosts videos, podcasts and interviews, as well as conversations between its subscribers.

Today you see well-lit professional videos on Channel 9, but when it launched it emphasized quality of ideas rather than quality of production. (Even to this day, you’ll come across new videos that are nothing more than a Microsoft Colombia Phone Number employee walking around with a smartphone and passing a mic.) Channel 9 is a great way to understand how every video marketer should get started. somewhere – and that somewhere is often a dimly lit room with poor acoustics.

Moz Whiteboard Fridays

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No list of in-house produced video series is complete without a mention of Moz’s Whiteboard Fridays. For all its accolades, however, Rand Fishkin’s well-known video blog started out humble, without the hip look and feel you see today. You can go back in time and watch the progress of Whiteboard Fridays. The former were poorly lit. The resolution wasn’t great, so it’s hard to read the whiteboard. How Rand explains the ideas on the board was unclear in these early episodes.





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