On Netiquette in Forums and How Not to Live a Nightmare Entering as a Company

In many aspects , forums are better than general social networks like Facebook or Twitter. Obviously in terms of generating visits to the web the last 2 are much more powerful than the 1.0 generation. Not everything is traffic generation. From time to time you also have to dedicate time to focus on quality.

What It Brings You to Be in Forums of Your Sector as a Company

Moving in forums could be considered in the online Benin WhatsApp Number as old school marketing. The truth is that many companies leave opportunities without taking advantage of not knowing what happens behind these closed doors.

It is a small market study where you can learn in detail the needs of your potential customers.
You can react in time when a criticism arises before a chain effect is generate.
You have the opportunity to build trust because you are not hiding and you are showing your face.
You detect and reach in a much more direct way the influential people of the communities that everyone pays attention to.

7 Points to Consider Before Entering a Forum as a Company

If you have already made the decision to enter a forum as a company, I want to tell you that you are brave. There are exceptions but in most forums it is a challenge to be accepted by the community representing a company. It’s not easy, but it’s worth doing.

1. Before starting, introduce yourself: if you move a lot in forums, this point is new for you. In most forums it is not well seen to start participating without having previously introduced yourself. There is usually a special section for new users.

2. Be prepared for criticism : we started well. The truth is that if you are already something known, surely they are going to give birth to you. You can never keep everyone happy. Even if you do everything right, there will always be a user who will have a complaint to present to you.

3. Adding value to the community is the most important thing : as a Facebook and Twitter user, I’m not telling you anything new. You are not in the 5 minutes of commercials for a Telecinco movie. This is not a commercial space although it is sometimes tempting to do so. Do not do it.

4. Ask Questions to Connect With Users

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Asking questions can be a good way to connect with a large number of users. If you start a thread you have more visibility than simply replying to existing ones. A question asking for help is usually a good way to do this.

5. Earn points and authority : Your status is important in a forum. When you log in everyone can see that you are a newbie by the number of posts and the beginner category. Seniority in a forum is also important. To obtain an authority status you have to make many messages without receiving negative votes and be part of the “club” for a long time.

6. Showing your face is more important than showing your logo : don’t hide behind the anonymity of your logo. You must show your face with your first and last name so that you can identify yourself exactly. Although you are representing your company, the people on the forum want to address a specific individual and not a community manager who changes every 3 months after finishing his scholarship.

7. Be honest and admit when you’ve “screwed up” : responding to criticism without filters is good advice on social networks and it is also in forums. Being honest is a good step to build trust. Transparency must always be accompanied by the presentation of the action plan to correct the mistakes made.

Knowing the rules of a forum is basic to be able to move without living a nightmare and over time receive acceptance by the community. Not everything exists in a documented way.

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