Offer a Paid or Free E-book on the Blog?

Charge or not for content in electronic book format? Have you ever asked yourself the same question? Maybe you have never considered it because creating this type of content requires time to start that we all have very little.

I recently published a definition of what an e-book is and its advantages over a normal blog post. I’m not going to repeat it all over again in this post, so if you’re interested in why this content is so appealing to bloggers, I recommend you take a quick look at it before reading on.

Free E-book to Attract Subscribers by Mail

One of the most important sources Belgium Business Fax List of traffic for the blogger is their email subscribers. Those who pay for the blog feed also add value but are not as valuable as those who give you the most intimate thing in the digital world: email.

You have to be aware that subscribers are the blogger’s treasure. You have to take great care of them because they are usually the most faithful readers. There are different ways and techniques to increase the number of emails apart from offering a free e-book .

Article series : People subscribe because they want to receive the posts of an announced series of articles by the blogger. Here you play with the expectation and curiosity of the reader.
Content quality : if in the past you have shown me your ability to generate quality content, I do not want to miss what you have to tell me in the future. To be aware, people subscribe for articles that add value to them.
Intrusive techniques with pop-up windows : those blogs that you reach for the first time sound familiar to you and you get a giant banner with the request to subscribe. Closing the window is almost impossible for you because the radius is no more than 1 mm.
Offering exclusive content in e-book format is probably one of the most effective techniques when it comes to attracting new subscribers. The objective is to add very valuable information for the reader in a document. Here the author explains to you eg in a tutorial format how to achieve a specific goal (eg create a blog ). On the other hand, the “only” thing you have to do as consideration to receive it is to give your email.

E-book of Payment to Generate Income

Belgium Business Fax List
Belgium Business Fax List

Darren Rowse, the blogger behind generates 30% of all his income through e-books . He is a earner that brings in approximately $15,000-20,000 each month. If your question is whether you can earn money through electronic books, the answer is clearly “yes”.

What is the difference between an e-book to attract subscribers and a paid one? It doesn’t really exist. It is simply a different approach and objective that the blogger has. To sell content in this format you have to take into account some basic guidelines:

Payment methods : the buyer of e-books is usually also a Paypal user and is used to this form of payment. Although the costs are high, it is an almost mandatory option for the sale of e-books .
Use of testimonials : ask early readers of the e-book to do a short testimonial and receive a link from your site in return. You can also ask fellow bloggers to do so. In this case you would obviously have to give it free of charge.
The first chapter at no cost : You can choose to offer a piece of trial content at no cost. In this way I reduce the risk as a reader who is afraid of spending money on something that is not going to contribute anything or little.
Psychological price below 10 euros : it is important not to exceed 10 euros. If they can be 9 or less, even better. The conversion ratio begins to drop considerably whenever the psychological price barrier is passed.
Which of these options are best for you? It’s a good question to which I don’t have an exact answer. Despite its effectiveness, I have never chosen to attract subscribers by giving away an e-book .

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