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How to create a LinkedIn newsletter from a Armenia Phone Number company page To send a LinkedIn newsletter from a company page, you must first be an administrator of this page. The steps after that are similar to the steps above: You click on ‘write article’. You Armenia Phone Number click on ‘Create a newsletter’. And then the screenshot above appears. Disadvantages A number of disadvantages of the LinkedIn newsletter in a row: A big disadvantage of this Armenia Phone Number function is that you can only create 1 newsletter. As a result, you cannot, for example, create different newsletters based on themes. You can’t see who opened the newsletter, nor who clicked on a link (just how many times).

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If you do want to see this, you can of course work Armenia Phone Number with UTM codes. When you create your first newsletter, you must already determine how often your newsletter will appear. Daily, weekly, monthly. Although I have also read that this Armenia Phone Number is more of a guideline (for yourself and/or for your followers) instead of a hard requirement. If LinkedIn decides to stop this feature, you will of course lose your subscribers. And where they Armenia Phone Number now state that it ‘might’ become possible to export subscriber data, I’m guessing it never will. Advantages But of course there are also advantages. This way you can send all your LinkedIn followers a notification when you start with your first newsletter.

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You may place links outside the Armenia Phone Number platform (although the question is how long LinkedIn will allow this). You can also share videos, images and slides in the format. Your newsletter can also be found via Google. So it can certainly Armenia Phone Number be a nice traffic driver. Why does LinkedIn make this choice? with this The new feature adds LinkedIn interesting opportunities for companies and other (content) creators. An additional way to reach your audience in a more exclusive way. In addition, LinkedIn has expanded its Armenia Phone Number newsroom. Both in the Netherlands (from 2 to 5 editors) and worldwide (to a total of 200). With this they want to make the reporting more extensive and in-depth and to do more with sector-specific news.


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