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The answer to the question is the subject you Costa Rica Phone Number can use for your active sentence. OnzeTaal also shares a good example, in which you can clearly see this difference: I will contact you within 3 working days. You will be contact within 3 days. Which sentence appeals to you more? Even though it is only such a small difference. Using a Costa Rica Phone Number passive or passive sentence in your text now and then is of course no problem. Sometimes it just reads really nice as a change. Or does it suit your writing style. But if you want to keep the Costa Rica Phone Number text smooth and short, I would recommend to delete it where possible. Also read: 6 words you should delete better: final editing tips I also regularly catch myself using passive sentences.

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If you are enjoying writing, you think about Costa Rica Phone Number it less ‘actively’. Only in the final editing do you find out that it can be a lot more active. Always proofread your text! 2 more examples: The telephones can continue to be used . We can continue to Costa Rica Phone Number use the phones. The books are made available . The books are available. woolly language In addition to unnecessary passive language use, we often see woolly or unnecessary language in the editorial office. Sentences that can be a lot shorter, without changing the meaning of the Costa Rica Phone Number sentence. Or unnecessary difficult words, when you are known to ‘ seem stupid when you use difficult words ‘. At least using difficult words won’t make you seem smarter.

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Partly trends, partly popular language, but also Costa Rica Phone Number partly just the author’s own preference or writing style: together with the editors we have collected a few examples of woolly language. for that reason > that’s why uses > uses as a Costa Rica Phone Number consumer > as a consumer a couple of questions > two questions countless options > many options often > often subject to constant changes > changes continuously easy > easy whole > whole by using > with allows users to > by users with the aim > to get > get make use of > use Bonus tip I would Costa Rica Phone Number like to share a tip that I heard during my studies and that I have already passed on to many people: never use the words ‘very’ or ‘very’ when you are talking about something positive.


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