Never Choose the First Option

Seriously, don’t. Maybe you are someone who is very lucky and constantly wins the lottery. Although at first you do not see it, there are usually dozens of options to solve problems. Always hitting the nail on the head with the first one that comes your way has a statistically low probability.

The Problem of the First Options

I have learned something very basic in Papua New Guinea B2B List the last 4 years as an entrepreneur. The first option is never the best. You have to make decisions under pressure so you embrace the first one that gets you out of a delicate situation.

Wrong decisions due to lack of time : Choosing the first option has led me to make many wrong decisions.
The second best solution : deciding on the first option that solves the problem for you is the easy way but in very few cases the best solution.
There is always more time to look for alternatives : looking back, there was always more time to make the right decision with more options available. The first options are like placebos to cure a disease. The problems can be solved in the short term but sometimes it is like taking a placebo to cure a disease. If they are serious issues, the symptoms return and this time things get worse than before.

They Have Been the Longest in the Last 5 Years.

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When problems arise that need to be resolved urgently next time, deal with them as soon as possible. Having a start-up has a lot to do with educating children . If you close your eyes once without attacking a problem in the moment, it becomes a bad habit. Look for several alternatives to find a solution. The first one that appears is usually not the best.. It is good to reach a moment of saturation of vacations : I really want to go back to “work”. They have been the longest in the last 5 years.

I have realized again being with my friends that I am privileged. Maybe I’m not getting the financial benefit yet in relation to the hours I put in. Listening to all the complaints about incompetent bosses and tasks that don’t motivate you, I am confirmed that I have chosen well to be an entrepreneur in Spain, which at the moment is more complicated than being an employee in Switzerland. It is good to reach a moment of saturation where you no longer feel like doing nothing. It is the sure sign that your batteries have been 100% charged and you have the energy to invest this strength in your projects.

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