My Main Conclusions of the “226 Hours Offline” Experiment

I have to confess that I have “sinned.” It has not been possible for me to be 9.5 days without interruption offline. Of the 228 hours I have been connected for 2 hours downloading emails and responding to the most urgent ones in 2 sessions of 1 hour. Until the first connection, more than 5 days passed (120 hours) in which I have been totally disconnected from emails, blog, Twitter, statistics, etc. I have experienced it better than I imagined, so I think I am less hooked than I imagined.

In the end I was the one who complained the least of the group of friends about the fact that the possibilities of connecting were very limited. The 2 times with connection I have had to spend in front of the house at 5 degrees below zero downloading emails since inside there was no mobile coverage. Apart from the inconvenience, the high cost of roaming has influenced the low use of this option. As with the vast majority of things I do, I like to learn some lessons from what I have experienced.

1. Extremes Are Pointless:

There is no point in being offline for so long. It’s okay to Pitcairn Islands B2B List completely unplug for about 72 hours because you realize that not constantly checking your phone can be very relaxing. Everything that exceeds this period can become stress. If you are not the best organized person in the world like me, you realize the things you have left up in the air. You run the risk of going into panic mode because you have no chance of solving them since you lack internet. In the end you also deprive yourself of something you like. The extremes are meaningless. You have to find the balance between offline time and online time. In my case I have realized that I need more time to completely disconnect.

2. I have the potential to improve my personal and professional organization: possibly just like the vast majority of us. Normally it should be feasible to leave the office for 9 days without having to do the least amount of work during this time. In my case, it has not been possible at all . But it has been possible to solve it with the 2 hours online responding to the most urgent matters.

I have already started using task management tools on a professional and personal level that have already begun to bring me the first improvements. Better management of time and priorities help to live day to day with a lower level of stress. It is that part of the quality of life that I have been losing a little since my beginnings as an entrepreneur. I am convinces that I can recover . It by being more disciplined and organized with the tasks that I like the least.

3. Writing a Daily Post Is a Matter of Training:

Pitcairn Island Business Email List
Pitcairn Island Business Email List

It’s something I’ve been saying for a long time but now I’m living it in the first person. After spending almost 10 days without writing an article on the blog, I am realizing that it is costing me more than usual to create this entry. It’s the same with going for a run or any other workout. If you take a break of 10 days it is difficult for you to return to the daily routine.

If you are not use to writing frequently. You have to set small weekly goals that allow you to increase the pace. Directly related to this is creativity and the myth that the more you write. The less ideas you have left over time. I have made an attempt to suddenly notice 10 titles for posts that I would have written every day. If I had not been on vacation. The one that came out is the article you are reading.

4. It is good to reach a moment of saturation of vacations : I really want to go back to “work”. They have been the longest in the last 5 years. I have realized again being with my friends that I am privileges . Maybe I’m not getting the financial benefit yet in relation to the hours I put in. Listening to all the complaints about incompetent bosses and tasks that don’t motivate you. I am confirmes that I have chosen well to be an entrepreneur in Spain. Which at the moment is more complicated than being an employee in Switzerland. It is good to reach a moment of saturation where you no longer feel like doing nothing. It is the sure sign that your batteries have been 100% charge and you have the energy to invest this strength in your projects.

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